The best white nails ever!

As you know the inspirations taking as starting point a solid color are a good way to know colors and textures! After all we must not forget that there are girls who do not like or can make nail art very elaborate on their nails , and it is to think of them, and even in those who like to rest from flashy nails from time to time, that these posts of simpler inspirations emerged! The color to be addressed today, will be the white! A super classic color, which not all risk putting in their manicures, due to the creaminess, which makes it difficult to apply!

Personally I like to see the nails with this color, when very well enameled and with a special detail in the only daughter, glitter type or something brighter, because it is a very difficult color to glaze! Now of course, do not forget, that just like any other nail manicure, you are required to have clean nails . If you are not 100% sure how to proceed, read this step by step how to treat your nails for enameling … I also advise you to take advantage of the natural shape of your nails , so that the manicures come out perfect!

It is a very versatile color and it is found in several brands of enamels in the most varied formulas! It’s all about testing colors and finishes! Let the creativity flow!

Now I leave a beautiful gallery, filled with white! =)

The best white nails ever decorated

Made by Ateliê Jú Decorated nails

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