Home remedies to get strong and beautiful nails

Who doesn’t want to get big and beautiful nails?! But some people have trouble to get big

nails, this can be because of some disease or some imbalance, but if you are one of them,

don’t worry, you found the prefect article for you. We will give will some tips of home

remedies to get strong and beautiful nails but remember to taking care of your food,

you need all the vitamins, minerals and protein in the correct dosage.

Olive oil

Olive oil has some moisturizing properties and this is essential to promote growth. This oil also

contains vitamin E, which promotes nails strength. As it is an oil, the olive oil can penetrate

deep into the skin and because of this has the possibility to nourish the nails.

You can use the olive oil before going to bed, following the steps above:

Home remedies to get strong and beautiful nails

1. Apply warm olive oil on your nails and cuticles

Home remedies to get strong and beautiful nails

2. Gently massage for 5 minutes

Home remedies to get strong and beautiful nails

3. Wear cotton gloves to sleep

Home remedies to get strong and beautiful nails

Doing this on a daily basis you will have strong and moisturized quickly.

Home remedies to get strong and beautiful nails

Castor oil

Castor oil

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and this is a great vitamin to treat brittle and cracked nails. Apply

the castor oil on your nails with a cotton and let it dry by itself, you do not need to take the

castor oil off. You also can use jojoba oil or almond oil, if you do not have the castor oil. You

will see the results of using castor oil after one week.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is good for your nails and for the cuticles. The coconut oil has the power to

moisturize the nails and the cuticles, helping to you to get strong and beautiful nails, and

helping to keep the infections and fungus away. You can apply the coconut oil daily before

going to bed, make some circular massages to improve the blood circulation.

You also can use a nail soak by mixing ¼ cup of organic coconut oil, ¼ cup of honey and 4 drops

of rosemary essential oil. Before soaking your nails into this mix, you have to warm it in the

microwave for 20 seconds. Soak your nail for 15 minutes. Do this once or twice in a week.

Kiwi and raspberry

Kiwi and raspberry

This a different kind of home remedy for nails, this one you have to drink instead spread on

your nails. Kiwi is rich in riboflavin and raspberries are rich in zinc, and both of those

substances are essentials for the growth and strengthening of nails.

Make a juice using 2 kiwis and 125 grams of raspberry, mix both in a juicer and drink the juice

just after doing it. Drink this juice at least three times in a week for three months, and then be

happy with your beautiful nails.

Kiwi and raspberry


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