7 Different Nail Shapes and How to call

Nail is one of wonderful body part. Every girls love to make decoration on their nail. Choose polish colour , drawing them and make them pretty. There are 7 Nail shapes different that you might not know that they are exist and you may have no ideas how to call them here today we collected all te shapes and how to call them.

If you do not know a hundred percent how to proceed, read this step by step how to treat your nails to the enameling Tips! How to make nails grow faster !! or Home remedies to get strong and beautiful nails , check it out if you want to know the Tips! How to Make Nail Polish Stay on Longer !? these are the ways to hack for make the best manicure and how to take a good care of your nails.

Take in Beautiful Nail art ideas from Fanpage wheel and let the creativity flow! Abuse in colors and materials, perhaps not discover new things!

Now let a beautiful gallery, filled with 25 Photos Beautiful Gel Nail art ideas on! =)

7 Different Nail Shapes and How to call

  • Square


  • Squoval


  • Round

round nails

  • Almond


  • Oval

Japanese nail art1

  • Stiletto


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